Strong for Life

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We will work together to make you Strong for Life.

What do I offer?

  • Personal training in the home or outsideFace mia
  • Outdoor boot camps

Through a tailor-made exercise program based on functional training I will help you achieve your goals!

Improvement of everyday life and physical performance!

Do you want to improve your general health and strength to have more energy for your family, hobbies or your job?

Do you want to become a better skier, want to climb a mountain or simply play with your children?

My main area of training involves functional training or body weight training that can be incorporated and easily performed at home or outside.

No need for a gym or expensive equipment!

Pre & Postnatal Training!

Are you pregnant but want to stay active? Many questions arise around pregnancy, often times around what physical activity that can be performed and which one should avoid.

Through my special education in Pre & Postnatal Training I will help you stay active in a safe and fun way and prepare you for your new life with a baby!

55 Plus Training!

Stay active through out your whole life! We all live longer but to ensure that we can enjoy every second of it we need to stay fit!

Specially designed exercises for will enable you to both train both your heart and your muscles.


First consultation is always free.

One time personal training (no training program included): Fr. 125.

Three times PT-package including training program & functional movement screen: Fr. 375.

Ten times PT-package including multiple training programs & functional movement screen: Fr. 1100.

Contact details

For more details, please call on +41 79 9329 307 or send an email to

Hope to see you soon!


Be strong to live your life!